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The lacking support in the community in cases of HIV drives mothers to delay in testing, preventing them from taking early action towards PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission). Discrimination and stigma further enhance neglect and forces the mother and the community to abandon the already sick babies. On admission, the babies are tested of their status and after the results are out, we then act depending on the results. For children who are found to be positive, they are taken to hospital for screening and then put on medication.

Currently we have 5 children who are HIV positive and they get their medicine from Mama Lucy Hospital. After every two months they are taken to the hospital for checkups on their nutrition and also to collect their medicines, their blood is tested after every six months to check their CD4 count. At the home, the nurses are in charge of administering the medicines to these children. The nurses make sure that the children take the medicines at 6.30am and 6.30pm every day without fail. The ARV drugs are offered free of charge in the hospital.

Handicapped Children

Promise Giving Childre’s Family also receives children with disabilities of different kinds ranging from vision and hearing impairment, congenital disability, and bladder entropy, osteogenesis imperfect of limbs, seizers’ disorder, Hirschsprung disease and burns, these children are normally taken to the hospital for special treatment where a lot of money is used. Since they are children with disabilities, their medication is constant and on a regular basis. These children need special equipment like wheelchairs, hearing aid, walking stick, special shoes, glasses, skin protection oil. They also need to be taken to special schools with children of their kind where they will get special education and attention.

Other Treatments

The other children are checked on admission and after three months they are given vitamin A capsules to boost their immunity and multi vitamin syrups to improve their appetite. We do not offer medical services to mothers or other people unless it is an emergency, where we only offer first aid to the patient and afterwards the patient will decide where to go for proper treatment.

November 2023



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