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Child Projects



Nairobi Kenya



Whereas Kenyan constitution 2010 spells out measures on child protection, millions of children in Nairobi and around Kenya – From all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, religions and cultures experience one form or the other of abuse every day. Children are still exposed to violence, harmful practices, lack of parental care and sexual exploitation among others. The risks are more aggravated during emergencies such as floods and drought, domestic violence among others. Promise Giving Children's Family (PGCF) operates Child Protection and Rescue Centers (CPRCs) that offer care and protection to vulnerable children and youth, we receive rescued children, rehabilitate them and reintegrate them into society. Children accessing care and protection are provided with shelter, food and nutrition, parental love, psychosocial support, spiritual guidance, career mentorship and education among other critical services good for growth and development. The CPRCs are also incubation units for talent identification, nurturing and development. Our residential CPRCs are:
  1. Promise Giving Children's Family Umoja Tena
  2. Promise Giving Children's Family Saika
For easy management of the children, we have divided the children into units based on their ages and sometimes based on their needs. These units are progressive until a child exits the home through various channels as advised by the authorities.
This unit houses children from the age of 0-2 years – Children with special needs or with high dependency may stay here a bit longer, this is the most sensitive unit in the home, it is also labour intensive and costly to maintain. Children here exclusively depend on formula milk until they are six months old when they are introduced to other foods, the caregivers work in shifts to help the little ones. They need high standard of care to keep them healthy because their immunity is very low since most of them did not suckle, the unit is under 24 hours watch by a health care provider.
After attaining the age of two years, the children graduate to the toddler’s unit – The first toddlers’ unit is for children between the age of 2 years and 3 and a half years, at this unit they are assisted to quickly catch up with their milestones. Such milestones include speaking, walking, potty training among other things that a child of their age should know, and from here they proceed to the next toddler’s unit which is generally for pre-scholars.
These are children between 6 and 12 years – We have separate unit for both boys and girls, each unit has two house mums who direct and take care of these children. They check their hygiene, make sure they do their homework, sleep well and are taking good care of their personal items.
These are children between the age of 13 and 18 years – They are taught how to take good care of themselves and to work hard in their best areas of interest. They’re also given responsibilities and opportunities as teenagers to mold their character.

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