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Nairobi, Kenya



Health is a primary focus everywhere in the world, it is an area that touches on each and every human being and it has become a major concern in all nations, every aspect in health becomes a challenge if it is not attended to with much concern. We as Promise Giving Children's Family value and respect the ethics of health and we put all health matters in the forefront.”

We believe that children are a part of the working nation and so we at Promise Giving Organization strive to make sure that the children we have are attended to properly in regards to health, in Promise Giving Children’s Family baby house we take care for abandoned and/or neglected babies, when they are admitted to PGCF they are often malnourished and some suffer from internal injuries, their immune systems are weak and the babies need medical attention.

6% of the children are HIV infected and they grow up in Imani, 4% of the children are handicapped and for this reason abandoned by their parents in hospitals and on the streets, we have rescued approximate 10 sexually and physically abused children, the large majority of children grow up healthy in the different branches of our organization.

Promise Giving Children's Family has the availability of two clinics in our homes, we have two permanent nurses and doctors visit on regular basis our homes, it is expected by getting assistance on medical support our children will grow up in good health. Secondly, when children are in good health their performance in school will be better. Thirdly, we will be able to manage primary infections before they become complex and in other case we will curb some diseases like diarrhea, typhoid and cholera.

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