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Social Justice

Defilement, Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage, child neglect and abandonment are among the worst forms of Child abuse in Kenya. Despite the concerted efforts by several stakeholders, many children and vulnerable women continue to face untold suffering. Social justice and advocacy is a programme that creates both sustained awareness as well as society preventive measures against gender-based abuses, child protection entails a host of several interventions in the community.  This prevention mechanism focuses on initiating and implementing projects that eventually reduce the vulnerability of children at the community level.

Promise Giving Children’s Family appreciates and collaborates with several agencies in creating sustained awareness, facilitation of access to justice for victims of abuse and support to the vulnerable population. We do so through;

1. Training of police officers and community policing units on: – Children rights and their application; juvenile judicial process and its impact on service delivery; child protection processes and procedures in Kenya; dealing with the vulnerable population with less resources among others.


2. Establishing and furnishing child/gender protection desk in police stations, use of public or organized forums to create sustained awareness on Gender-based violence in Kenya

Stronger Child Protection System

Child protection plays a key role in preventing and dealing with abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence that children face. However, those working on child protection and care do so in a disjointed manner without looking at the bigger picture. Issues such child labour or street children have been addressed as single issues and the links between these problems are overlooked.

We are building strong child protection systems which strengthen families and promote quality care for children. Without stronger child protection systems, we won’t be able to achieve our goals, for this to happen, there needs to be strong political will to commit enough resources to children’s care and protection and to drive efforts to improve the quality of child protection systems. Proper policies and guidance are needed; a range of different services to support children in vulnerable families and children outside of parental care must be available and the child welfare workforce must be strong and supported.

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