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Volunteer's duty allocation, rules and regulations in PGCF Organization


Duty Allocation for Volunteers

1. Helping children brush their teeth every evening. [Those staying at the home].


2. Use creative games music or others to stimulate learning how to build their self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, organization and responsibility.


3. Resource mobilization – help the home in raising funds. We rely on donations from organizations and well-wishers. We have many projects to do. E.g., food, swings in the school, stationary, uniforms, shoes and utensils, farming.


4. Write letters requesting for food and other needs from organizations e.g., Local and international organizations.


5. Draw different charts in the school.


6. Help in the school programmes e.g., Computer classes, with the help of a teacher.


7. Provide children with basic life skills that will broaden their concepts about life and themselves.


8. Helping in sorting out and arranging clothes in the boys and girls store.


9. Helping in polishing shoes in the school.


10. Sorting out cereals.


11. Help the children to make good decision and communicate effectively.


12. Helping in hanging clothes – Every Monday [morning] and Friday [afternoon.]


13. Arranging and sorting out books in the library, also assist the small children read story books in the school library, and issue out books.


14. Any other duty one may be assigned to do by the management.


15. Your own ideas are always welcomed.


Volunteer's Rules and Regulations

1. Confidentiality Children cases are confidential, therefore to interrogation them on matters torching on their personal history, past, present, or any condition that they may be having is not allowed. if you have any concern or clarification kindly speak to the social worker


2. Use of abusive language or behavior in a manner that will threaten the children and other workers is not allowed. If you have any complain or something that you are not happy about or discomfort, feel free to contact the manager or the head of volunteers for advice or direction.


3. Intimacy For us to achieve our goals and serve our children better, personal interest in relation to relationship amongst children, staffs, and other co-workers is prohibited. This may change the focus of serving the children’s better, and bringing unnecessary rest as per work ethics of professionalism.


4. No child is supposed to borrow you anything e.g., money, lotion, phones, spray.

5. MealsDuring your volunteer-ship, you shall be provided with the normal meals that are served at the center. In the event of any special diet in relation to your health, please contact the management for advice.


6. SecurityThe home operates from Monday to Sunday, as far as your security is concerned, we shall expect you to observe your movement in and out of the compound and especially at late hours. The latest time to report in the compound is at 6.00 and if for any genuine reason for delay or overnight stay, please calls the office to inform them of your whereabouts.


7. LeftoversKindly serve as much as you will be able to finish, we do not encourage left over’s since it shall be disposed to the dumping areas to encourage more children back to the street.


8. Gifts and incentivesNo one is allowed to offer any kind of gifts or incentives to the children and staffs without permission from the head of volunteers, let the department be notified of the motive of the above.


9. DrugsNo volunteer should smoke cigars/cigarettes in the presence of the children or come to the center while under the influence of alcohol.


10. Volunteers should not develop “favorite” or “special” relationship with individual children as this will always work against our policy on equality and fairness for every child.


11. Volunteers willing to make cash donation or in kind for a particular child must do so in consultation with the director and or any social worker.


12. Volunteers willing to adopt or foster a child are welcome but must follow the government rules on international adoption or foster care.


13. Volunteers’ rooms should always be locked and children are not allowed to enter for respect purposes.


14. Volunteers are not allowed to give money to any child as this will develop indiscipline, neither buy them items like mobile phones or radios, these gadgets will distract the children from studying.


15. Volunteers are not allowed to give the children their mobile phones as they will use them unwisely or even loose them.


16. Volunteers are not supposed to take children to their private houses for those who reside in Promise Giving Children’s Family; for that is their private house and for respect purposes.


17. Love relationship is not allowed with the children who reside at the center.


18. Volunteers are not allowed to go outside the gate with any child without permission of the director or social worker.


19. Anytime a volunteer wants to take the children to a public place or an event, a staff member must accompany them.


20. No jewelry should be given to any child or no permanent mark should be drawn on their bodies, as this is against the home’s rules and regulations.


21. Dressing codeVolunteers dressing code while interacting with the children should be modest and respecting the culture of the center (no shorts, except they reach the knees). We advise one to dress appropriately in respect to the children we are serving.


22. Report writingYou are advised to submit your views reports and recommendations to the head of volunteers before submitting them to your relevant offices, colleges, organizations and countries for vetting and approval in respect to the dignity of our children. If you will not be comfortable with any of the work that you have been assigned to, we shall kindly request you to terminate your contract at your own will.

23. Male volunteers are not allowed in the girl’s dormitory and vice versa.


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